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Do you do custom work?

Yes we do!

Do you install Arctic Tern products on my camper/van?

Yes, but keep in mind some applications are not as straight forward as others.

Can I get a full-size tuck camper or flatbed model?

Of course you can! Just use the contact form to get started on your dream.

Do you build vans?

If you supply it we can build it.

Can you help me find a truck?

O yes! Our team has extensive knowledge in both campers and vehicles and will happily give you some recommendations.

Do you build "RV" style camper or frame mounted campers?

Sure do, you just supply the appropriate truck.

Can I come by for a visit and see the shop/campers?

Absolutely! Just keep in mind we are open by appointment only.

Do you accept trade ins or can you help me sell my van/camper?

It really depends on what you have and what you are looking for. We are always happy to help however we can.

Will you do the electrical and solar on my project?

Yes. Just try to keep in mind our minds may work a little differently and we might have to remove or add some things along the way.