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How are you different from everyone making 4x4 Sprinters or overland vehicles?

4x4 Sprinters are great when you want to get to well established campgrounds but show their shortcomings quickly on any real forest roads. You simply can't get enough ground clearance through the maximum tire size (about 32") or suspension lift to clear moderate drops. Many people see "4x4" and assume it means "offroad capable", but there's a lot more to it.

Overland vehicles are capable on very difficult roads. However, most are not built with interior camping in mind. Rooftop tents and outdoor cooking areas can be great for dry, spring and fall camping. It's a lot more fun to be inside when it's raining or snowing though.

At Mesa Overland, we build custom campers that have the accessibility of overland vehicles with the comfort of vans. For those who think their Sprinter could be more capable or their overland truck could be nicer to stay in, we have you covered.