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GoFast Camper Custom Electrical and Heat

Keith and Rachel

December 03, 2022


Rachel and I met Blayne randomly among some friends in April 2022. We were setting up our GoFast Camper and we started talking about it and what we would like to eventually get done to it. Fast forward to the present day, and we just got our truck outfitted with a solar panel that sits under the bars on top of the GoFast and most importantly, a 200amp battery with a full install of a diesel heater. We had quotes to do this same job from larger outfits in the Front Range but they were more expensive and after we shot the quote over to Blayne, he picked their recommendations apart and basically said, their equipment is OK but you want better components, especially the heater. If we went with the larger outfit, we would have had a subpar heater and the build would not have been custom. Blayne and I did a couple of video calls and took some measurements during the calls. This way he began work without the truck being there. So now we are set up for 4 season truck camping and we could not have been happier. Thanks Blayne.

New vehicle consultation with Blayne

Hailey Askins

September 02, 2021


When looking for a new van/vehicle to build out, I consulted with Mesa Overland (Blayne) on all my options - he helped me chose the best fit to suit all my needs! He was available to talk through my (MANY) questions, gave me insight into mechanics and potential issues of certain vehicles, and ultimately, gave me the confidence to purchase the perfect van for myself! I would recommend consulting with Blayne before purchasing any vehicle and I plan to do so in the future!

RV Consultation with Blayne

Sarah MacLeod

August 25, 2021


My partner and I consulted with Blayne regarding options for a new “home” when our previous rig broke down. He took the time to understand our lifestyle and tailored his recommendations based on what would work best for our needs. We couldn’t be happier with our new setup. We’ve been in our RV for 8 months and are so much happier than in our last rig, it's such a better fit. He hit the nail on the head, making recommendations on the class of RV, features to look for that aligned with our needs, and engine recommendations. So glad we talked to him and followed his advice. I highly recommend him - he’s knowledgeable, takes the time to get to know you and your lifestyle, and his experience in the industry and with life on the road make him a valuable asset.

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