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At Mesa Overland, our unwavering commitment lies in doing things the right way. We prioritize excellence in every aspect of our work. Over the years, we have tirelessly explored numerous construction methods , all in pursuit of discovering the perfect balance between value and performance for our cherished friends and clients. After thorough research and relentless dedication, we discovered the unparalleled advantages of composite construction, a choice shared by many industry pioneers.

However, what truly sets us apart is the intimate personal experience you'll encounter every time you reach out to us. Whether through text, email, or a phone call, we are devoted to providing exceptional service that goes beyond expectations. We believe in fostering genuine connections with our community, ensuring that your journey with Mesa Overland is filled with warmth, support, and dedication.

Moreover, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering the best "bang for your buck." By meticulously sourcing affordable, yet reliable and extensively tested products, we strive to exceed your expectations in every way possible. This dedication has enabled us to transform our base models into extraordinary creations. When you choose Mesa Overland, you're not just investing in a product; you're embracing a thrilling experience that is unrivaled in the industry.

Our founder Blayne has personally embarked on an extraordinary journey, living the "dream" on the road for an extended period. Prior to that, he honed his skills as a BMW and exotic car technician, and the art of "custom car" fabrication for an impressive 13 years. Fueled by his deep passion and extensive expertise, he now channels his boundless love and knowledge into revolutionizing the camper industry.

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