The Negotiator

STATUS: In Progress

LAST UPDATED: March 11, 2021

"The Negotiator" came to us from far eastern Kansas in our search for the best off-road camper base vehicles. We could hardly believe our eyes - a '99 7.3 with 175k miles?! There can't be many of them left. And when the keys had a tag with "The Negotiator" scribbled on it, we had found the perfect name. But with this vehicle, there will be no compromises.

Some of our planned upgrades include:

  • 4x4 conversion
  • 37" tires
  • 4-5" suspension lift
  • Turbo upgrade
  • New injectors
  • Heated fuel system
  • Fully rebuilt transmission
  • Billet torque converter
  • Interior mountain bike storage
  • 400W solar and lithium batteries
  • and more!

Contact us at to put your own touches on this amazing build!